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About Us

Our goal:

We want to provide a place to share information about Thailand and living in the Land of Smiles. We do not have paid advertising on the site. Why? We want our members to have a home that looks welcoming to them wihtout being intrusive. We will not spam e-mail you every chance we get. We won’t send out countless e-mails about breaking news just to get you on the site. We want you to enjoy the site and the community of expats in LOS without tricks, gimmicks or ads. We are a not-for-profile site and are here to provide information about Thailand and to encourage others to live and visit in this amazing country!

We do not ask for donations and you will never get an e-mail from us begging for help or assistance. You will not get e-mails from us supporting businesses and sending you to advertisers. We really want you to feel at home and comfortable here and to enjoy the site and the community of expats that will come here and hopefully the Thais that will also come to share their experience with us.

Who we are:

This website is not managed inside the Kingdom of Thailand. We are a group of expats that love Thailand, its culture and its people.

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Please NOTE: We are not affiliated with the Immigration Bureau or the Thai Government.

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