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Thailand’s Toilets: Not As Gross As They Seem!

If this is your first visit to the East, you may be terrified the first time you walk into a toilet in Thailand. Inside you will not find a sink, a stall or anything you would normally expect to find in a bathroom.

Thailand Visa - Thai Toilets

Instead you will find a gaping hole in the ground with two ceramic footprints on either side. Your horror will mount when you notice that there is no toilet paper anywhere. It’s much worse if you are barefoot and just coming from the beach.

The good news is that the toilets are clean and functional. They just work differently than ours.

Thailand Visa Thai Toilets Man and Woman Figures

Over in the corner of the toilet you should see a jug of clean water. Next to the jug should be either access to a stream or else a faucet.

What you do is squat over the hole and crap.

If it’s your first time you might want to take off your pants completely in order to avoid soiling yourself.

With practice you will get your aim down.

Then you ladle water out of the barrel to clean your ass. Next you ladle more water into the toilet to get rid of the evidence.

Do not let anything dirty get into the jug of water, as other people will need to use it too!

If you decide to bring your own toilet paper, do not shove it in the hole. It will clog up.

Instead put it in the wastebasket.

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