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1. Where is the best place to find information about a Visa or other needed information about Thailand?

Answer: The best place is to look in the forums. See if someone has already posted that question in the forums. If not make a posting and ask questions. Please be as specific as you can be in your posting.

2. Why do you not have all those horrible banner ads all over your site?

Answer: We created this forum to share information about the country we love and NOT to make money from our user base. We are a 100 percent free site for our users and are also 100 percent banner ad free. Businesses may post in our forums just like anyone else. We welcome all to the site!

3. What is your approach to moderating the forums?

Answer: We will not allow illegal content or information to be posted. We expect tolerance and respect for all posters. We enjoy open debate with intelligent individuals. We do not delete post just because we disagree with them. We want and strive for open, free debate!

4. If I want to give money to help support the site, how can I do this?

Answer: We don’t accept any money from anyone. However, we do have charities that do great work in Thailand and we welcome you to place a donation with them.

5. I own a business and want to put that business link in my signature. Is that OK?

Answer: Yes, we have no problem with this as long as you are an active participant in the site and post on a range of topics and issues we encourage you to promote your business as long as the business in legal. We do not allow links to porn or other sites that are illegal inside the Kingdom of Thailand.

6. How do I set up an account?

Answer: That is easy. Click on the link to the forums and at the top there is a link to register for an account. You will need a valid e-mail address for verification. If you did not get this verification e-mail, you can request another one be sent.

7. Are you affiliated with any other websites or businesses in Thailand?

Answer: No, we are not. We are not affiliated with any businesses, companies, legal departmenets, law firms, car companies, travel agents, visa companies, etc. We are totally independant and have no intention to open any businesses which would cause us to compromise our open forum ethics and policies. While we understand other sites may do this, our policy is NOT to open other businesses in Thailand as a result of the membership base we hope to achieve.

8. I see several of your main links at the top of the site say that the article is coming soon. Why are they not there yet?

Answer: We want to be very accurate with our articles. We write them ourselves and want them to be original and informative. We are working hard to get all the ones we currently have listed finished and to add more. If you know of other articles that need to be listed on the home page, please e-mail us and tell us and we will consider adding more. We ask your patience and understanding as we have just started this site and want to make it successful and will not just throw up an article just for the sake of having on on the main page of the site.

Thailand Visa FAQ

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