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Pantip Plaza – A day in Photos

Pantip Plaza is always one of the fun places to visit on any tour of Bangkok. It is filled with everything you can possibly need for a computer or computer device. All are at very good prices but the price is also negotiable.

The trip to Pantip Plaza is often fun and enjoyable and filled with people selling other items. Like Bangkok, it is very colorful!


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Military Junta Claims that 99% of Thais are Happy with the new Government

In a study that was conducted by the new government, they have concluded that 99% of Thais are happy with the way the country is moving and happy the military has taken control of the country.

The study does not give much detail about those that took the survey but the government assures everyone that the poll was done in the proper way.

The general says that it is been 1.5 years since the military took control and that he wanted to give up power in the next 1.5 years. It is always good to know that the military has a plan of action for turning over control of the government back to the people.

Thailand Visa Presents Hua Hin 2

Thailand’s Education System Lacking

A new report shows that Thailand’s education system is still behind most of the world and 8th of the 10th in the Asean committee nations.

Part of this low score may be reflective in the lack of analytical skills that Thai schools teach to students.  In order to score higher, Thailand must begin to teach students to think for themselves and to think out of the book.  Thailand cannot remain a country that teaches only reading, writing and arithmetic. Higher level thinking skills need to be taught to all students.

For a discussion about this, see our forum HERE!shutterstock_95265004

Two Myanmar Men found Guilty of Murder

The two men tried for the brutal murder of two backpackers visiting the island of Koh Tao in 2014 have been convicted of the crime of murder and sentenced to death.

The trial captured the attention of the world and was followed closely by news media around the globe.

The brutality of the murders blemished Thailand’s reputation as a safe tourist haven.  The police were accused of bungling the investigation and the men who had once plead guilty changed to their plea to not guilt and said they were tortured to confess.

We here at Thailand Visa doubt the story ends here.

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Government set to Reform Thailand’s Education System

BANGKOK, 31 October 2015 (NNT) – Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has instructed the authorities to accelerate educational reform policy at all levels, said government spokesman Sansern Kaewkamnerd.

Both short-term and long-term educational reform policy will be pushed forward to create quality education, reduce inequality and meet labor markets’ needs. For that reason, the authorities will quickly collect database on current employment conditions and tendencies of labor markets’ needs in a one-month time, he said.

That is to map out the production of manpower to accommodate the domestic labor market and meet demands for employment in Special Economic Zones and the ASEAN Economic Community scheduled to open at the end of this year.

Under the planned educational reform, Thai children will have access to optimum education and learning in happy atmosphere and become full-fledged under the 4Hs theme – Head, Heart, Hand and Health.

The prime minister was also quoted as saying the educational reform and development plans must have a clear goal in terms of both quantity and quality while children should be instilled with pride in Thainess, be independent and tend to public interests.

Bureau Thailand Article

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Upcoming Trip to Thailand

We have friends that will be coming back to Bangkok and they take some great photos.  They have asked us what places we want them to photo and share on our forums?  Any ideas?  Send suggestions to:

Here are a few of their past photo shoots:

Bangkok – A Day in Photos

The Grand Palace – A Day in Photos

MBK Market – A Day in Photos

Siam Paragon – A Day in Photos




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Thailand to Offer Multiple Entry Visas

Visitors to Thailand may apply for a multiple entry tourist visa so they could come and go and come again at their own conveniences.

The multiple entry tourist visa will cost 5,000 baht (about 139 U.S. dollars).

Bearers of such visa may visit Thailand several times over with each visit being allowed to last a maximum of 60 days.

This visa is primarily designed to help promote Thai tourism which already has become the country’s largest foreign currency earner.

It will be available to all travelers including those from Thailand’s neighboring states from the middle of November.

Banking in Thailand: In’s and Out’s

Be sure to check out our updated version of banking in Thailand.  It gives some great advice and suggestions to how to do banking in Land of Smiles.

Thailand Visa Banking and ATM 2